Welcome to my website!

Being a psychologist is a wonderful career. I get to wear many hats and put diverse training into use on a daily basis. As a professor, I impart my passion for psychology to undergraduate students and help shape the minds of our next generation. While teaching and all its ancillary activities takes up the biggest chunk of my professional life, I maintain an active research lab utilizing undergraduate research assistants and perform service to my institution and community as well. This site serves as part professional portfolio, part repository for resources and information relevant to my work, and part my attempt to organize my activities into a coherent professional identity.

At the moment I have the site organized around my teaching and research activities, though I will soon be returning to clinical practice on a limited basis as a part-time psychotherapist in the Texoma area as well, so stay tuned for updates and resources in that area in the future. I will also be hosting my General Psychology course blog here starting with spring semester 2016, so be sure to check that out.